What are Online Consultations?

Online consultations is a unique blend of two separate services – online counselling and online medical advice.

Online counselling is also known to some as e-counselling, and is a concept that has been explored for the last few years, especially more so now since broadband internet has become widely available. Just like conventional counselling, it allows you to talk with a professional counsellor about any issues that might be affecting you. A lot of people find this very useful, as it allows a person to talk through issues with someone who can listen in a non-judgmental way and who is removed from your usual social circle of family and friends. Online counselling allows this to be done using the internet, opening the way for people who may never have considered counselling before, to gain fast and convenient access to an online counsellor.

Our Online medical advice is very much similar to e-counselling, where we have gathered together a loyal band of medical practitioners (almost all of whom are GP’s) who are more than happy to offer their assistance and expertise through the medium of online communication. This is a rare and unique service which both we and the doctors are proud to be able to offer. The availability of video chat and file transfers now means that our users can send pictures and images to our doctors for quick and accurate assessments. No need to feel embarrassed when speaking about any issue as you can choose to communicate in complete anonymity.