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Change the way you think and change your life to a whole new way of being


How counselling can help. People who come for counseling may have one or more of a wide range of problems. There are times in most peoples lives when they feel worried or depressed, and sometimes feel that they just cant cope anymore, or just don’t know which way to turn. People may feel sad, hurt or angry or even overwhelmed by things that has happened to them in the past, painful or difficult to deal with and anxiety about the future. Others come for Counselling as a way of finding and developing their strengths and resources so they can move on with their lives with new insight and understanding and revised coping strategies.

Counselling can provide an opportunity to share problems with someone who is outside your situation and has the time, skills and objectivity to listen without getting upset or involved.

I believe the aim of counselling is to bring insight and perspective by helping clients to explore the causes of their difficulty and to offer support through the process of change that follows. I am a integrative counsellor working in a diverse way, my main fields being depression, anxiety and stress, couples counselling, bereavement, working with young adults and children. I also have excellent experience working in the drugs and alcohol field of counselling. I can also offer Life Coaching skills for building assertiveness and motivation

Degrees and/or licenses

Diploma level 5 Therapeutic Counselling degree level (Accred)


I hold a BTEC Professional Diploma level 5 in Therapeutic Counselling, and now accredited with the BACP (July 2013). I am qualified in 'Training the Trainer' in the context of IBA (Alcohol) commissioned by East of England Public Health Directorate. I also have a BTEC certificate in Life Coaching, Telephone and On-Line Counselling, Social work and Social Care.

I am also now on the new Dept of Health register for Counsellors/Psychotherapists

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