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Fri, 29 May 2015


Life is not easy and sometimes we just need a little help to see things in a different light. Sometimes it is from our past, sometimes it is in our present and sometimes it is concerns for the future


My style of counselling is best described as conversational and integrative. I know how hard it can be for clients to confide in strangers, even professional counsellors like myself, so I make the process as easy and as relaxed as possible. I recognise everyone's beliefs are different and I offer a safe, confidential space to be listened to. Sometimes just this in itself is enough for someone to organise and verbalise their thoughts in order so that they can move on. But sometimes the issues are more deep routed and need bringing to the surface before we can deal with them. This may require more thought provoking work with a client. Sometimes however, people do have an insight into themselves and why they feel the way they do but again do not know how to move on. I work closely and gently with clients to achieve change in order for their quality of life to improve. Sometimes this does involve challenging beliefs held and dealing with negative thoughts in a practical way and I support clients as they develop new skills to make the changes they want.

I genuinely enjoy working with clients and dealing with their issues, which can be different and this ensures that I stay fresh and relevant in my thinking and skills.

I can't, and don't, promise miracles. I can however promise honesty, respect and an open mind as well as my skills as a counsellor. I also recognise that some clients may not be ready to fully deal with some issues yet but even in those cases the client will always have more insight into themselves at the end of the sessions than they expected to at the start. And when they are ready they will find it easier to know how to do that.

I work with all client issues such as stress, assertiveness, depression, anger, relationships etc and I also specialise in addiction issues - be it food, alcohol, gambling, drugs etc for which online counselling is especially helpful.

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I am a qualified hypnotherapist, psycotherapist and counsellor and I hold a diploma in these skills. I have also undertaken many skills courses to add to my knowledge base. In addition I am a verfied online counsellor after undertaking specialised additional training.

I am also a member of the following organisations:

Member of BACP
The Counselling Society
The General Hypnotherapy Register
Complimentary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC)

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