How it works

Our group of counsellors all started by being face to face counsellors. They have undergone at least 2 years of counselling training as well as running their own counselling practices. They have all undergone special online counselling training courses to adapt their skills and experience to the online world and working environment.

Similarly for our doctors, all of them have extensive experience working within the UK, most of them as GP’s. Some of the doctors have their own practices whilst others offer their expertise to large corporations throughout the UK. All of the doctors, just as the counsellors, are put through a strict recruitment process to ensure that we only have the best and most suitable experts working with us.

We operate a time synchronised appointment based online consultation system which allows users and the experts to meet online and talk through any issues, using online voice, instant messaging and video chat.

All three systems can be used (video, voice and chat), or you could for instance tailor your settings so that you may see the expert but they cannot see you. You will need a good internet connection for the video element of the chatroom, but the instant messaging feature should work well for most levels of broadband speed.