Our Counsellors in the course of providing a service, may offer you practical suggestions. These are offered in good faith and are not intended to be directive. Our EAP may also put you in touch with other organisations, which could be helpful to you. In doing so we do not offer a recommendation or give an endorsement of such organisations.

Consultations can be requested between 8 am and 10 pm, 7 days a week. Consultations cost 1 x credit per minute which are funded on your behalf. Clients must be over 18 and entitled to benefit from the service provided through the EAP. Consultations and credits are not transferable to third parties. All counsellors are members of BACP and either BACP accredited or hold higher diplomas in counselling with significant experience. In the event of suicidal thoughts or serious mental health concerns, please contact your GP or go to Accident and Emergency.